Sellwood Bridge

March 2007 Starting to see more bikes on the bridge in the morning commute. There is a device that looks suspiciously like a camera mounted above the sidewalk in midspan. Still trying to learn what that is.
March 2007 Closed for a Sunday morning for repairs, AND to add a steel archway over the roadway, currently displaying a Sellwood Bridge Project banner, advertising the Sellwood Bridge Project Website.
April 2007 I rode the bike underneath, along the Springwater corridor path, and stopped to examine the spaces around the bridge. This building is built directly under, and on both side of the bridge. I am sure that this building will have to go when the bridge is removed. When the Sellwood was built, in order to keep costs down, the county never purchased the land surrounding the bridge, allowing people to buy and build crowding the bridge. I imagine they will get paid well for the building now, and they will moan with indignation about being forced out, but really, what were they thinking anyway?