TriMets Portland-Milwaukie Line Bridge Over The Willamette

TriMet BridgeTriMet Bridge

Time Lapse Photos of Construction

Photos of the Progress


GoLiNiel.com Oregon Bridges Page

I have somehow developed in interest in bridges.
Mostly Oregon bridges, perhaps that is because it is where we live.
Mostly bridges that are not Covered Bridges.
A love affair with the romantic bridges of old seems too easy and commonplace.
It is more than that.
Maybe its an interest in the architecture, or the beauty of the bridges.
Maybe it is what the bridges represent, and do for us.
Maybe it is in the wonderment of just how they were ever built in the first place.
Maybe I think that we should not forget their importance to our lives and the costs we must bear to use them.
I take pictures of them, look in to their history,
and test my wifes patience by slowing, stopping, or turning around anytime we happen to pass one.


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