GoLiNiel Bridge Book Library

Portland Bridge Book - First Edition ~ Great book about Portland area bridges over the Willamette and Columbia. Full of technical information,and line drawings. (Their web page hasn't been working lately.)

Portland Bridge Book - Third Edition ~ Nice improvement on the First Edition of the Portland Bridge Book. Adds 100 contemporary and 50 historical photographs..

Elegant Arches, Soaring Spans ~ Nearly every significant bridge on the Oregon Coast was designed by Conde McCullough,
Oregons Bridge Engineer of the early 1900's.
McCullough's legacy lies in the nearly six hundred bridges he and his staff designed and build in Oregon during the years between the two world wars

Historic Highway Bridges of Oregon ~ By Dwight A. Smith,James B. Norman and Pieter T. Dykman. The book also seems well documented at www.Structurae.de

Bridges of the Portland
~ Historical images and detail on 15 bridges within the city limits of Portland covering the time span of 1908 - 1983. Many of these bridges set records in their time, or were unique or noteworthy in their design and impact of future bridge design. By Ray Bottenberg

Bridges of the Oregon Coast
~ Another book I think I should have. Looks like a fine historical, pictorial book. By Ray Bottenberg,an Oregon native and registered professional engineer

Covered Bridges of the West ~ I don't know this book, and its about covered bridges, nonetheless it might be worth checking out at the library.

Roofs Over Rivers ~ A guide to Oregons Covered Bridges

Bridging the World ~ By Robert S. Cortright. My wife got me this book for Christmas.
Pictures and descriptions of bridges around the world. Since the author is from Oregon,
there is good representation of bridges from the Northwest. Corwtight, has also published his photos in
'Bridging' and also in the publication 'Bridging, Discovering the beauty of bridges'