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ROLL OVER AMERICA RIDE ROLL OVER AMERICA RIDE ROLL OVER AMERICA RIDE ROLL OVER AMERICA RIDE Bikes at the start of the ROAM ride That is Rollover America The ride started from downtown Portland, Or. Netherlands Bike Netherlands Bike Netherlands Bike Netherlands Bike A Fietsfabriek Cargo Bike we found in The Netherlands Bikes we found in The Netherlands.
There are rental bikes you can pick up at bike racks throughout Amsterdam Cargo Bike at rest, along the Canals of Amsterdam Bike used as garden art, in The Netherlands bromptonx cargox bikefridayx toiletbikemg8x Brompton bikes are made in London.
We first saw them in Denmark.
They are fold into a very small package. Seen in Denmark. Style similar to the Bakfiets line of bikes, very useful in carrying stuff. Bike Fridays are made in Eugene, Oregon.
Great travel bikes. They fit into a conventional Samsonite suitcase for airline travel. Seen somewhere on the internet.
Insert your own caption here. Locust1 Locust2 calfeebamboo jano The Locust is designed by Josef Cadek Rear internal hub, and enclosed chain improves ease of use. A great 'Park & Ride' bike. This is not just a cool bike. Made by Calfee Design. Frame is Bamboo that has been smoked and heat treated to prevent splitting. Lugs are available in carbon fiber or hemp fiber, for the all-natural look. Molded wood JANO bike
Molded wood can have the ability to absorb bumps and road noise like carbon fibre and the feel and responsiveness of steel tirebike shoebike schwinntandem fourwheel Custom bike using automobile tires, just for fun. The shoe bike might not rool real good, but it has good tread wear. Classic early model schwinn tandem bike. Home made four wheeled city bike, parked on the riverfront. Christiana bikes Golden Gate Bike Shopping Cart Bike Ghost bike for Brett Jarolimek. Interstate and Greely Christiana bikes are classic Danish utility bikes, for everyday use. A bike that emulates the classic Golden Gate Bridge.
Thats a great combination. No more panniers or trailers for trips to the store.
With this you could ride IN the store. Ghost bike in memory of Brett Jarolimek. A reminder drivers and to riders, that we all have to be careful, alert and remember that we all share the roads. Cafe Velo Cafe Velo, Portland�s first bakfiets-based business. An industrial-sized cargo bike that is pedaled to the farmer�s market.It�s large enough to carry everything to set up a booth to sell coffee drinks. Three guys have added 48 cc engines to their bikes. Top speed of 45 mph.